Location overview

Where is Aravanes

Aravanes is situated in Thronos village, only 32 kilometers South-East of Rethymno. Just 7 kilometers from the historic Arkadi Monastery and near Ancient Eleftherna and the new museum that is worth visiting.

Thronos is situated at an altitude of 540 meters, on the western foothills of Mount Ida (Psiloritis), overlooking the breathtaking Amari valley.

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The Village


Thronos is a small picturesque village that has 32 inhabitants.

In the past, it was full of young people as well as kids who used to play together in their houses or in the village’s roads.

“I close my eyes and remember playing with my friends until late at night in the village’s square. I can also remember my grandmother taking care of the animals and cooking delicious food every day. I remember my grandfather buying me sweet jelly from the village’s coffee shop. I remember laughters, songs in the square and the unique scent of jasmine, basil and oregano.”

Useful information

In a distance of only 1km from Thronos Village is situated Agia Foteini, where visitors can find:
‣ Pharmacy (+30 28330 22777)
‣ Health center (+30 28330 40000)
‣ Town Hall (+30 28330 40200)
‣ Citizens’ Service Center (+30 28330 22070)
‣ Post Office (+30 28330 22210)
‣ Super Market
‣ Gas station
For more information you can also visit the Municipality of Amari website.